Wireless Flash Trigger Kit 4 Chnl

Wireless Flash Trigger Kit 4 Chnl

Product Code: RS-RT03K4C

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Wireless Flash Trigger Kit 4 Chnl

MSRP: $59.95

This kit allows a monolite flash to be triggered without the use of a synch cord or cable. It is done by RF (Radio Frequency) which is more secure then infrared and is not "line of sight."
The kit consists of a receiver which plugs into the flash unit which accepts the a mono plug. Included in the kit are adapters for 3.5 mini jack, 1/4" (6.3mm) mono jack, as well as a PC outlet. Also included is a transmitter which mounts on the cameras hot shoe. When the unit is activated, the shutter release triggers the transmitter which fires the flash. Other flashes which have a built-in slave synch will also be triggered. This is a four channel kit.

  • Model: RS-RT03K4C
  • UPC:034447029294
  • Manufactured by: RPS Studio

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